Mujeres, ¿creen que la báscula nos engaña?

El peso siempre ha sido un tema que nos ha preocupado a las mujeres, “mantenerse en forma” nos ha llevado a hacer todo tipo de locuras.

Mujeres, ¿creen que la báscula nos engaña?Mujeres, ¿creen que la báscula nos engaña?

La mayoría de nosotras nos preocupamos mucho por el número que vemos en la báscula cada vez que nos pesamos, pero el portal ELpandacurioso nos cuenta que esto es una mentira, ¿cómo? Resulta que puedes tener una linda figura con el mismo peso por el cual has sufrido antes y te hace ver y sentir gorda. Estas mujeres lo comprueben, ¿crees que es verdad? En mi opinión…

Mi figura es la misma con 3 kilos de más 


Throwback Thursday. Just another reminder that your weight does not define you. I’m definitely healthier at 180. Striving to be healthy and strong. The girl on the left didn’t eat. She did hours of cardio. The unsustainable lifestyle left her famished and exhausted. She gained it all back when she stopped extreme measures. The girl on the right lifts weights, and eats full-filling and sustainable meals. She knows life is short, but plans for longevity. ❤️

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#No mirar la báscula 


Two years from left to right and my journey has been anything but perfect! I have had 2 major surgeries, more weeks off than I can recall, and months off in total for traveling. I’ve had weeks when I’ve done every workout and tracked macros to the gram, and weeks when I’ve worked out once and eaten everything in sight! Weeks where I feel like I’ve done my very best and weeks where I have phoned it in. The ONLY thing I’ve done consistently is pursued self improvement and feeling my very best, however that looks for me. At times that has been focusing on body composition, other times it’s been resting and healing, lately it’s been balancing my gut and hormones. We are always evolving and it’s so important to be cognizant of that rather than be rigid with ourselves all the time. Two years ago I thought I had to work out six days a week and eat leaves to look like I do now but I can tell you it’s been the opposite. In pursuing total health rather than something temporary (ie abs) my body has responded in ways I didn’t think possible. Give yourself the gift of patience and explore what works for you, pursue FEELING your best and the rest will fall into place ❤️ • • • • • • • • #beforeandafter #progresspic #bbgprogress #bbg #bbgtransformation #bbgcommunity #bbgstronger #bbggirls #bbggirl #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitgirls #fitgirl #workoutmotivation #motivation #fatloss #macros #transformation #screwthescale #gains #leanmuscle #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #fitlife #fitlifestyle #bbgprogresspic #transformationtuesday

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La salud es lo más importante, puedes tener un buen cuerpo y estar saludable 


Food is your friend not your enemy ? A huge THANK YOU to @womenshealthmag for reaching out to me and writing an article about my story focusing on what is really important when it comes to losing weight, getting leaner and living a healthy lifestyle (link to the article in my bio) ♥️ I believe that if there is anything that people completely overlook, it is the nutrition aspect. Most of us, when it comes to eating healthy, think about a bowl of salad with grilled chicken. But is it enough to reach your goals? No. Unknown to most people, one of the biggest reasons they don’t get results they aim for, is simply NOT eating enough. When people start their fitness journey, they add a lot of cardio to their daily routine and cut calories way too low to get results faster. But that is actually working against them. Your body is a smart machine. When you’re not eating enough, it sort of panics and you can send it into a starvation mode. Your metabolism slows down because it doesn’t know when its next round of calories is coming from ?? The process of fat-burning stops and no real progress is being made. This kind of plateau can push some people to eating less and at the end it leads to real problems you can’t recover easily from. There are many physical actions your body takes when you’re not eating enough calories but there are also mental ones. Eating less usually means feeling frustrated, being hungry, you lose your motivation and simply give up. Is it what you really want? I started to see my first results, only when my food routine changed for better: 5-6 well balanced meals, linear daily calories intake of 2’000-2’200 and meal preparation. I exercise at least 5 times a week usually before heading to work. I turned on my metabolism, I constantly progress, I look leaner although I gained weight, I am stronger and I feel great ? My body knows it gets healthy food every 3 hours and do not need to conserve energy. Building muscle, weight lose or body recomposition is a patience game. It takes time and consistency to make it work ?? Don’t skip meals, make food your friend not your enemy and remember, eating more is the key to losing more and looking better ✌?️✅

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Hay diferencia, mismo peso 



Mismo peso diferente figura 


There are 3.5 years between these photos. 3.5 years of doing nothing extraordinary, nothing drastic, and NOTHING perfect. After I had my son I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. So a few months post-partum, I committed to starting a fitness plan! Well a few months and a few days after, I quit that plan. I continued to begin and “fail” 5 or 6 times before I ACTUALLY, consistently stuck with exercise. For the first months after that, I didn’t change my eating habits. I didn’t even try. They were poor, however converting to an active lifestyle AND eating healthy felt like literally the most daunting, impossible task. So I didn’t even think about that part at first. I chose to implement exercising, and once that had become a manageable habit, I began to make healthier choices. . My point is, the main “how” between these photos is simply CONSISTENCY. It doesn’t matter how many times you stop and start on your goals, it only matters that you don’t give up on them. You don’t have to spend hours a day training or give up eating all the food you enjoy. Simply break a sweat 3-6 days a week for 30-60 minutes, and strive to eat MORE real food, and less overly processed foods and refined sugars. . That is how you start my friends! CONSISTENTLY make the small efforts and they will add up to be everything. And GUESS WHAT!? The more you consistently make those efforts to live a healthy lifestyle, the easier and more naturally they will come. And soon all the NON-physical benefits of treating your body right will BLOW YOUR MIND, and you will FEEL better. And you will WANT to care for yourself. And thus begins the beautiful self-care, self-love cycle where the magic really happens. Where your aesthetic goals for working out will be trivial in comparison to the ways you are growing stronger WITHIN.✨ . My whole goal with my PWR program is take you on a strength-based journey — to take your training to the next level and challenge you! Yes, so you can sculpt your muscles and gain physical strength, but also so you can sculpt your mind and grow in confidence and self-love. Because a women who believes in herself? SHOW ME SOMETHING MORE PWRFUL. ??✨?? .

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Solo es un número 


• Treat your body with respect, always! ? #ThrowBackThursday

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Es saber lo que tenemos y tonificarlo


Quinta é dia de #tbt né?! ? . Será que composição corporal importa?! Está aí o exemplo do porque não deve-se prender apenas a balança! ? . 2012 = falsa magra! Foi uma das fases que eu consegui diminuir meu peso com algumas dietas malucas e treinando de vez em quando. Meu foco era o peso na balança … se diminuiu eu tava magra ? mas nitidamente a realidade era outra .. ALTO PERCENTUAL DE GORDURA E POUCA MASSA MUSCULAR. E óbvio que esse peso não se manteve porque eu fazia tudo errado e vivia no efeito sanfona. . 2018 = foco na composição comporal (verdadeiro emagrecimento). Comecei minha mudança de estilo de vida em 2016 e tive uma evolução de 83kg pra 67kg em 1 ano com dieta e treinos individualizados pra mim, focando em diminuir percentual de gordura e aumentar a massa muscular. Processo lento porém duradouro! Melhorei MUITO minha composição corporal. . Então é fato né gente .. muito mais importante que o peso é a COMPOSIÇÃO CORPORAL. . . MARCA A AMIGA AÍ QUE É A LOUCA DA BALANÇA ???? . . OBS: antes que perguntem .. nunca fiz lipo ou outra plástica a não ser a prótese mamária que coloquei há 3 anos quando ainda era fofolete. Não alterou muito com meu emagrecimento porque eu já não tinha muita coisa mesmo (da pra perceber na foto de 2012). Então se mantiveram no lugar, de boa ✌???? é isso, infelizmente seios não aumentam com a musculação! Muito pelo contrário, a tendência dos seios naturais é diminuirem ? . . . #boraficarfortinha #fitnessmotivacion #fitness #bodyfitness #musculacao #antesedepois #antesedepoisreal #medicinaesportiva #nutrologia #nutrologiaesportiva

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Tira la Báscula


Eating enough fuel is imperative for progress. You have to eat enough to see results ? There is two big changes that I made in between these two pictures. 1. My style of training. In the picture on the left I was a complete cardio bunny and my main form of exercise was HIIT on the treadmill, with some light body weight exercises. In the picture on the right, I incorporated resistance and weight training- in particular I follow the BBG program ( I did BBG1.0, some of BBG 2.0, BBG stronger and now doing PWR and BBG stronger 2.0) 2. The second big change that I made was eating enough food to fuel my body. I always thought that for weight loss, the less you eat in a day the better. I ate a lot of low calorie foods like salads, minimal oils and kept carbs to a minimum. Despite all this- my body was lacking tone and definition, I lacked energy and didn’t feel ‘healthy’( despite all the greens that I was eating). I reached a plateau and realized I had to make a change to see results. I found out my personal caloric daily need, and saw that my maintenance was sitting at roughly 1900-2100 calories a day (please don’t use this value as it is calculated according to my weight, height and goals). I started off increasing my calories slowly to around 1800 calories ( as I still wanted to be in a deficit at this point). I also drastically increased my carbohydrate intake, and had a much more relaxed approach when it came to my nutrition. My energy levels immediately increased, my body toned up and I just generally felt more confident. I then decided that I did not want to lose any more weight, but instead slowly gain a bit of muscle. I started to eat at my maintenance and feel the most confident that I have ever felt ? it is so important that you fuel your body with enough nutrition, so that you are able to reach your goals and FEEL your best. Underfeeding yourself will only hinder your progress and your goals??

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Constancia, disciplina y sin báscula 



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